BPE Education

DMSC 2022 Virtual Access

We understand some dealership employees cannot attend the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference in person due to their commitments at home or at the dealership.


No worries, we are recording all of the great content for you to enjoy from the comfort of your desk, couch, or anywhere you have access to the internet. All of the keynotes, panel and workshops will be available to you on May 30th 2022.

DMSC 2022 Themes:


With all of the new EV models being released or planned, customer are looking for answers from dealerships. Have you thought about what questions they will have? Is your website and staff prepared with answers? At DMSC We will discuss what EV content dealers should be focused on, what content should they be creating and sharing for your customer who will be seeing these massive national advertising campaigns planned by OEMs.



Many OEMs have made statements that will challenge the way dealers market and sell vehicles in the U.S. Both sides seem entrenched in their viewpoint. Our industry needs to find a common ground where both can function successfully?



Customers have more ways than ever to connect with dealerships for sales and service including, email, calls, texts, social media platforms, and much more. Connect the dots with dealers who have already begun this journey, prepare your employees and managers to handle these conversations, and create a unified communication strategy. We help you optimize your communication with customers to create a frictionless customer experience.



Many OEMs have made it clear that online retailing is part of their direct-to-consumer strategy. Are you educating your customers on how your process saves them time? Learn how this process is evolving again and the best ways to remain competitive locally with your DR tools to optimize sales and service transactions. We have many opportunities to discuss bringing value to your dealership.



More dealers use first-party data to fuel marketing campaigns and messaging to create a real-time retailing experience, but what is first-party data in today’s marketing ecosystem? How do you control your ecosystem, grow your data, and most importantly, be compliant with privacy laws? Many questions surround this topic, and we will bring some experts to help provide the guidance needed.



Retention of customers will be essential in the coming years, yet, more time and money is spent on acquiring new customers than retaining your current customers. We revisit the latest technology to attract and retain customers because increasing the lifetime value of each customer in your DMS is more important than ever. If you are not willing to retain your current customers your competition surely will.



New strategies have emerged to automate & measure the effectiveness of online marketing and OTT campaigns. When should you use automation and when should you not. Learn what KPIs you should be measuring & how to use them to hold your marketing partners accountable to achieve your business goals.



The use of AI seems to be growing. Should you use BOTS to answer chats or to automate emails or calls? AI seems to be a challenging the sales process framework. Could artificial intelligence replace your salespeople or BDC? Let’s discuss.